Does anyone use the Vero 4K with Plex for Kodi?

Just purchased a Vero 4k as I’m interested in it’s 4k HDR support. I was wondering if anyone uses it along with the Plex plugin for Kodi?

If so how is the performance in navigation etc? Will it direct play everything? How is the streaming performance compared to streaming from a Samba share or is it the exact same?

I did use Plex but in a different way than yours. I basically installed Plex Server for the raspberry on my old pi 3 so that I could stream stuff to my chromecast, it played really fine, no stutters.

I still haven’t decided to reinstall it on my Vero 4K but I might just do it and report back, but I guess it’ll work fine if not better.

I use a Vero 4k with the PlexKodiConnect plugin and it works very well. The two 4k movies I’ve watched have direct played without any stutters or audio dropouts at all.
I haven’t tried the official Plex plugin as it doesn’t offer anywhere near as many features as PKC.

Also PlexKodiConnect user. I have occasionally tinkered with Plex for Kodi in the past, and it seems to work fine, but kind of defeats the purpose of using Kodi, since you lose a lot of the customizability. PKC is awesome. It takes a little setup, but well worth the effort.

As for streaming, PKC works either like a normal Plex client, or it can stream directly from SMB share. The latter is harder to set up, but gives you the full power of the Kodi media player. Using regular Plex stream limits some features, the PKC web site explains it all. I use direct SMB access, it works great.

Hi @TechnicPuppet
Any Feedback for your setup? :slight_smile:
I look for a perfect Plex player with 4k HDR Support and I was really satisfied with OSMC ans Plex Plugin on my Raspberry Pi3.

Yes the feedback from me is it’s perfect. It took me a while to configure plexkodiconnect properly so it played shares directly but now that I have its fantastic. The biggest file I played with no issues was 90GB.

Can’t recommend the Vero 4k enough.

Thanks for the super fast answer. Sounds really nice! :smiley:
Can plexkodiconnect also play files directly from plex (without Samba share)?
Is there an autostart possibility for plex?

You could probably use, to automatically load the add-on you’re using at startup.


PlexKodiConnect integrates your Plex library directly into Kodi so there is no need to autostart the app, it just runs in the background.

Another PlexKodiConnect-user here. It works without problems and also plays 4k/HDR. But you should use it with SMB- (or even better NFS/fstab) shares. Takes a bit of work to set up, but you will be rewarded :slight_smile:

Look here for your options

Hopefully not necro’ing this post. Does anyone use either option with a remote plex server? I currently use the built-in kodi plex app without issue although i’ve had a few buffering moments with 4k stuff. Wondering if pkc would be better performance wise?

I only use PKC on a local network.
I would have thought the upload speed of your ISP would be the limitation with a remote server?
Even my 200Mbit connection only has an upload speed of 11.5Mbit

Ahh well… that’s not an issue for me as my remote plex has 1gb -> Internet and here at home i have 350mb down so theoretically bandwidth shouldn’t be an issue. I was just wondering if pkc would be better performance wise on my vero4k then the plex kodi client? (Although not sure how I would configure smb over the internet)

Which skins do you use with kodi, that play well with PKC?

I’ve tried Titan and Titan beta, which both had severe issues. Right now I’m using (fuse) neue, which works much better in general.

Right now the only thing that bothers me is the refresh time of the TV show widgets (I use PKC widgets exclusively, because I have multiple user specific libraries), and the horrible profile handling of Krypton.

Would love to hear your input, I’m struggling to like my plex4samsung replacement (the vero 4k), because of some usability issues.

I used Titan for a while and never had any problems with it. At the moment I’m using Unity which also works fine.