Does iOS9 Public Beta break Airplay in OSMC?

I’m wondering, does iOS 9 Public Beta break OSMC Airplay support?

As anyone tried this combination already?

I think so


In the past, it (always?) broke… but I like to know, if someone actually tried with OSMC and iOS 9 Public Beta.

I can confirm that airplay is broken by ios9 - tried public release 2 of ios9 on latest release of OSMC - the iPhone says it is connected but nothing plays… tried the wife’s phone running 8.4 which works fine.

Same with iOS Beta 3…

This is a kodi issue rather than an osmc issue, so you should follow the kodi forum.
Official position seems to be that it doesn’t work and won’t be looked at until iOS9 is out of beta:

So don’t update to iOS9 is airplay is important to you.

I have just updated iOS 9, and airplay (audio) works fine with Kodi 15.1

Audio never breaks, it is always video that does.

Please test video and let us know what apps do or don’t work and what model of iOS device you have.


I am new to Raspberry Pi, and OSMC. I just got OSMC running on my Pi2 B after a few frustrating days with Raspbian. I had heard about OSMC and I knew I was going to try it, but was so excited to get my Pi that I figured I’d try Raspbian first. Shouldn’t have.

OSMC is so slick and got my Anker Bluetooth keyboard working with my BT dongle IMMEDIATELY. It refused to worked in Raspbian even with the BT manager I downloaded.

Anyway, AirPlay audio does not work for me with my iPhone (iOS 9), but it DOES work with with my iPad (iOS 8.3)

With iOS 9, it tells me it’s connected but there’s simply no audio. With iOS 8.3, the music plays through OSMC from my TV and the song name is displayed in the lower left corner.

Must be iOS 9…?

BTW, this is public iOS 9 I’m talking about, not BETA, I just updated a few days ago. Also, I’m on the August OSMC (2015)

Yes Kodi Airplay is broken with iOS 9.

Looks like Apple made a lot of changes this time around (the changes from iOS 7 -> iOS 8 were quite minor) so it could be some time before a workaround is found as a lot of reverse engineering will have to be done to figure out what was changed. (If it is even possible)

wut? how?

There is “iOS 9 support” in Kodi 16.0 beta 1 release notes ( so I hope airplay will work again.

Did someone test it?

Audio only. No video.

Is there any news on this? Has anyone been able to have osmc airplay work from an iOS 9 device?

As you can read this is in Kodi 16.0 beta 1 only, so unless you see news popping up that Kodi 16 comes to OSMC which is not likely before it gets stable there is unlikely any change on the current situation

Thanks for the prompt response.
Is that spport in Kodi 16.0 expected to be only for audio or video as well? Where can I find the procedure to install that beta version to help testing it?
Thanks again.

I suggest you follow this thread on Kodi Forum to find your answer

Currently there are no easy procedure for OSMC to install Kodi 16 beta. I you are eager to test Kodi 16 I suggest you install it on another OS.

Jarvis builds will land shortly