Does mopidy interfere with osmc?

I have installed osmc on raspberry pi 3b+ and I would like to also install mopidy on top of it and was wonderring if it is a good idea. What I would like to do is use mopidy to play music without interacting with the tv.

Siince mopidy is a service that has a webserver and can be controlled with a phone or a webpage I am asking if there is a problem with osmc. I cannot find any info on the matter other than this thread, but it isn’t clear to me if it will work without problems.

I have the following setup:
Raspbery Pi 3B+
HiFiBerry Digi sound card
Latest OSMC installed on a NFS share

Well if you search the forum you will see that some people seems to have an issue with the audio sink being blocked.
Generally if you install anything with a webserver you need to ensure to use a different port than Kodi.

Also as Kodi is running anyway and Kodi 18 brings music library improvements I wonder why you need mopidy.

I was trying to implement this project for my son:

It is based on mopidy. What if I plugin a usb sound card or use the integrated one on the raspberry pi? Does this prevent the issue with the audio?

Not unless you know how alsa and pulseaudio works.

I have no clue… So it seems I need another solution. I was hoping to use the same Pi for this. Ok then! Off to the drawing board!

All you need to do is take the RFID reading part and have a service that does that, grabs the info, then sends the right command to Kodi’s web service.