Does OSMC support the Raspberry Pi camera?

Does anyone know if there is kernel support for the raspberry pi camera board in OSMC? If so, how is it enabled and configured?

I’m a little surprised that this question doesn’t seem to have been asked before, apart from here, which didn’t receive any replies.




Yes – OSMC supports the Raspberry Pi camera just fine. raspicam and friends are available for you

Let us know if you have any trouble


Thanks for the definitive reply. I’m still unsure how to enable and configure the camera though as all the documentation that I can find uses ‘raspi-config’ from standard raspbian to achieve this. I’m quite happy editing config files, but I need to know which, and with what :smile:


Ok to answer my own question, the guide in the ArchLinux Wiki works fine.


You don’t need to do anything to enable the camera in OSMC

Thanks again for the reply Sam, but you are not actually supplying any info here.

Firstly, I needed to know that the firmware actually installed raspivid and raspistill (software to use the camera) … the wiki said that these were in /opt/vc/bin/ … and indeed they were, though I couldn’t find this documented.

Secondly, the wiki suggested the followinfg additions to /boot/config.txt:


This may or not have been necessary, but the camera worked afterwards.

I guess all that I am saying is that I didn’t feel that the documention available on the OSMC site was available. Of course if you know already, then you don’t need it :smile:


Hi Ian

Feel free to edit the Wiki pages to bring them up to speed.

The config.txt settings are already configured; and on some modules, adjusting gpu_mem=128M could be potentially be detrimental


Just out of curiosity.

What exactly prevented you from just connecting the camera and type raspistill?

This would have done the trick for quick checking if it works without needing to read any documentation.

For the sake of clarification for future readers of this thread …

the raspberry pi camera board with a raspberry pi 2 model B is indeed supported by default by OSMC. No additions to the config files are necessary.