Does the LOG thing in the OSMC settings app really help?

Shood i send LOG from the RPi2

i’d think it wood be sorta LONG

Exactly what are you talking about?? What would be the purpose of the log? If it’s some issue you currently have, if you already have a thread open regarding your issue, why are you opening a new thread to ask this seemingly pointless question with no context? Please keep your posts on topic with relevant information so that your issue can be resolved as quickly as possible and you aren’t clogging the entire forum with illegitimate junk!

in OSMC settings they say click that ppicture of the big log

and like it says it will give a link to post to you guys

sorry must be my first rodeo i type on this thing wih 6 fingers or i talk to it and it captures all this nonsence its android hehe

Why do you think we want your log?! The logs are for use by users who have issues and come to seek support. They do so by posting under a clear and concise topic title and they provide as much information about their setup in as much detail as possible (often including logs) so that we, as support personnel, can have a clear idea of what their issue may be.

If it was really android speech to text then it would probably actually spell words correctly and use punctuation. Also, I’ve never seen anyone else on the forum with a rogue speech to text device that randomly posted such crap. Please get your shit together.

sometimes i get errors if i rename files that i download i have 2 folders on like 8 diff drives that i point too, i don’t want to say what they are but this thing will type every word im talking while like the 6GB Shameless 720p.mkvs are playing but they are also just 6GB not 12GB for 12 episodes that seems too small

i told you imretarded i type with 6 fingers i speak spanish that dun werk as well i need better equipment i suppose