Does the vero 4K fits my setup?

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a new media player that supports 4k.
Currently i run 2 raspberry pi’s with libreelec (rpi 3 model b) 2 samsung tv’s and a synology ds213+.

I want to stream 4k from the synology to the main samsung tv 55Q7F.

What are your thought about this setup?

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That’s exactly what Vero4k is designed to do! It will work best with a wired LAN or very good WiFi connection.

My current devices are alle connected via a gigabit connection so all i need extra is a gigabit usb connector for the vero? The current vero doenst have a gigabit ethernet connector right?

Anyone knows when a new hardware version will be released? Would be a waist to buy one now and see a new beter version comming next month.


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There is no eta. You can be assured a new device will not be released next month.

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100M is fine for streaming one 4k stream to the vero. If not, a Gb adapter is cheap. You won’t find another device with the Vero’s capability and Gb ethernet for anywhere near the price.

Thank you guys so far.

Do you think the synology ds213+ will be good enough to stream 4k content?
Or will this be a limiting factor in the near future?

It should be fine.