Does Vero 4k+ have Amlogic S905D chip?

Wondering how Gigabit Ethernet is supported.

The Ethernet is provided by muxing external and internal pins via an RGMII interface provided by MAC and 8211F PHY.

More details in the forum

Muxing pins???

I think just saying “magic” would suffice :slight_smile:

So, it’s a s905x proc inside?

It’s S905D with unpopulated TS

Will a future version be released with the S905X2, something like a Vero 4K Pro (with HDR10+ and USB 3.0 support)?

We are always working on something new; but we only just launched the Vero 4K + really; so don’t expect any hardware updates for a good while.

As the new SoCs are very different; it’s not an easy upgrade in the same way that Vero 4K -> Vero 4K + was.