DOH, I screw up

I screwed up! I edited udisks-glue.service and changed the type to oneshot [I was trying to get the nfs-server.service to startup after udisks-glue finished, vs just when it starts.

I should have done a full backup first, and then uncommented the Timeout lines in /etc/systemd/system.conf before mucking about, but hindsight is 20/20 and all that!

Unfortunately, now my vero4k is hung in a systemd startup loop!

I tried entering the old recovery mode (pressing space/CTL during bootup) but that does nothing.

Is there any way to get my home directory files off the internal drive before doing a full USB restore? Can I mount the Vero4k as a drive on my PC in some way? If I use the USB_Burning_Tool to flash the latest img will using “normal erase” vs “full erase” leave my home directory content intact?

Sorry, this is totally on me, but any help with getting my home directory content off the internal drive before reflashing would be very helpful!


I don’t know if any of the testing threads, that contains a USB image for vero4k, still serves the image. Since you could boot from a usb-image, RO-mount the built in storage. Copy/upload home-folder to PC/Mac/VPs or even to the USB drive you are booting on.

Anyway that’s how I would solve it.

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@joakim_s do you possibly have a simple bootable restore iso I could use to boot into a shell? Do I need to put the Vero into recovery mode via the pin-hole to boot from a USB drive with the restore image?

I thought I had some laying here, going to have to look in some backup folders, I know i have one or two, but I’s more finding it in the hoard of osmc images =) Regular install, home made and actual bootable once. I will get back to you as soon as I have one for ya.

Thanks so much!

I can produce an image you can boot from USB or SD card and give you instructions on how to mount the internal eMMC.

You will need to wait a couple of days as it’s busy here.


Had a bit of time and didn’t want to keep you waiting – but need to catch a flight early tomorrow. I’ve PM’d you an image you can boot from a USB stick.