Dolby Atmos Demo Disc

Hi folks,

I’ve ripped the Dolby Atmos Demo Disc, but I can’t seem to add it to my Movie or TV library. Is it possible? The files are m2ts and Vero plays them when I go through the File Manager, but I can’t seem to get them in the library. Any suggestions?


You may need to add it to the library via an NFO file as it’s unlikely that this disc is featured on any scrapers (but I may be mistaken)


TheMovieDB has several of these listed. Make sure the folder containing the rip is named exactly the same as the listing on their web site (ie “Dolby Atmos Demonstration Disc 2014”).

I just added my folder with my demo files as an own shortcut so have quick access to it via files. Atmos and jellyfishes ftw!