Dolby atmos for headphones

I look forward to when the tv box Vero 4K + purchased from you arrives! I really like movies in 3D and UHD. I already have some prefixes. Dune 3D30, Dune HD Duo, Nvidia Shield 2017, Xiaomi TV box of two generations, several TVs for android, Optoma UHD51 projector, I also sometimes try to watch movies from my PC on windows 10. But unfortunately, none of these options makes it possible to watch all formats. Some are out of date. Other of the new ones do not support 3D.
At the forum Vero 4K+ Mini-review: The Only Native Kodi 4K + 3D Set-top Player drew attention to your console and wanted to try it. I like Kodi, so I think this prefix will do. There are very few reviews on the Internet, but I took a chance :slight_smile: I have a small child, so you can often watch a movie only late in the evening when the baby is sleeping. And my wife and I watch movies on headphones. I have a Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver audio signal I really liked the option of listening to Dolby Atmos through the headphones in windows 10. The sound really has volume. This technology Dolby Atmos is now used on Android smartphones Samsung, Lenovo, LG. Is there such an opportunity in Vero 4K +? If not, this feature must be added! This will also significantly increase the rating of your console.

Are you saying that you want to listen to Atmos via Bluetooth headphones? I don’t think this is something we can implement unfortunately.