Dolby Atmos on Vero 4K+ with March 22 Update?


sorry, maybe a stupid question: is there no Dolby Atmos support with lates OSMC-Build? Stream shows only the Core-Bed wich is Dolby True HD.

Many thanks for great work!


Which device are you using?

This will work fine on Vero 4K/4K+
For Pi, we need to release Bullseye first.

Hi Sam,

thanks. Vero 4K+ (look Topic title).

BR Peter

Kodi doesn’t strip off parts of Dolby bitstream like that. If your device is showing TrueHD then Kodi is sending any Atmos data that is present as well. You may want to check your manual for whatever AVR, soundbar, or other device your using to see how it processes this type of audio. For example the Denon AVR I use will only switch to Atmos if I had more than 5.2 speakers configured. I don’t, so it only shows on my AVR as TrueHD.

agree that your audio device settings are worth looking at. My Marantz NR1711 is rather quirky in its menu configuration for Atmos. I have a 4.0 speaker set-up and Atmos will show if I set the sound mode correctly, but the options available for the sound mode depend on whether speaker virtualisation is enabled, and it’s possible to seemingly lose the option entirely and get stuck in TrueHD mode.

Here’s an example of an Atmos feed from the Vero with the Atmos option available in the movie sound mode.

Now, while in this mode, if I go to the surround set up and disable speaker virtualisation, the sound mode menu changes to the following - note that the Atmos option is now gone. It turns that if, at this point, you select regular TrueHD as the sound mode, then the speaker virtualisation option disappears from the surround parameter config menu. So at this point it’s easy to be stuck with apparently no way back to Atmos, since the only way to recover the speaker virtualization option is to set the sound mode to TrueHD + DSur, go to the surround configuration and enable speaker virtualisation, then when you come back to the sound modes Atmos will be available again as an option and you’ll see Atmos in the AVR display. Why on earth anyone would design it this way is beyond me.

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many thanks for answering! :grinning:

Forgot to mention, same streams work fine with other clients (Dune 4K pro II, Shield Pro….) at the Yamaha CXA 5100 with showing Dolby Atmos. Speaker Setup is 7.2.2 (Neumann). Only the 4K+ shows the Core-Bed… It would bei nice to figure out, how to fix it.

BR Peter

I would suggest uploading logs and making sure you are using the same HDMI port that works with another device


I have the same issue. I just upgraded from Nov 2020 to March 2022 and now I have only silence when using passthrough on Atmos-files. Regular audio files work, with some exceptions. If I turn off passthrough I get audio. I have not changed any hardware during this period and it worked before.

Any ideas?

A side note, when looking at the files in Kodi now it says Dolby HD instead of Atmos. Could that be a lead?

Without logs it’s hard to speculate why you are experiencing a problem. It would also help to verify if things are setup properly.


Okey, is it Kodi logs or OSMC logs that is needed? I’ll try to get it…

Full OSMC logs, please :slightly_smiling_face:


Here are the logs from OSMC:



Any ideas anyone?

I’m currently travelling but will look at this shortly.

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