Dolby atmos passthrough

Hi, I received yesterday my Vero 4k+, really good package protection, all wires needed, good install and setup. Even put static ip and connect to my NAS kodi sql and copy sources.xml within osmc skin file manager. HDR ok on almost all (some demo files madea rare thing on the image, like part of it moved left, but just on one or two very high bitrate demos), sdr-hdr switch ok…

Just one question. I could enable passthrough for ac3, DD, dts, dts-hd and true hd, but atmos and dts:x? I have some movies that in theory have atmos track but AVR shows them as True HD? Maybe cause on AVR I have only 5.1 speakers but Xbox on atmos makes avr show Atmos. Maybe I lost something to enable?

Thnx in advance.

For me it simply works by enabling passthrough for TrueHD (and having the Dolby Surround upmixer selected in my AVR). What AVR do you have?

Sony STR-1080

Atmos and DTS:X are extensions of Dolby TrueHD/Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD MA/HRA… So, there’s nothing extra that has to be enabled than those two options: TrueHD passthrough and DTS-HD passthrough.

If you only have 5.1 speakers, Atmos won’t work. Atmos is designed to only decode the 3D over-head channels when there are at least 2 over-head speakers installed. DTS:X however will already be decoded when there’re only 5.1 (no over-head) speakers in place.

I’ll try later to connect to heigh speakers just to check it, thnx

Correct, adding two heigh speakers it shows Atmos on AVR. Thnx

Great! Enjoy your Vero 4K + :+1:t2: