Dolby atmos problem

I try to watch a movie in 4k and dolby atmos. But sound is clicking or something like that.
I use a Denon avr x3500h and external hard drive connected via USB to Vero.
Here i a short video.

Thanks for any help.


Please provide logs, details can be found here:

Also could you please provide mediainfo and/or a sample clip.

Thanks Tom.

Hi @Tom_Doyle thanks for replay
I hope these helps you.

I try Dolby Atmos demo (download from official dolby site) video is the same problem

Disable the DSP add-on.

Thanks mate.
Now working good.
I still have same problem with only one movie others work fine.

Feel free to send us a debug log / mediainfo and we will look in to it


@sam_nazarko here’s the movie I talked about. Take a look.

One more thing. When stop these movie,select another movie still sound clicking. Then i must reboot Vero again.


I see both the video and audio bitrates for the problem video are higher than the one you posted earlier.

Just to narrow things down, do you have any other vids with audio bitrates as high as

Bit rate                                 : 4 519 kb/s
Maximum bit rate                         : 7 425 kb/s

which do play without clicking?

Now is clicking on all video again :tired_face: .DPS add-on is disabled.
Here is last log:

When was last Update?

i just wanna let you know,i solve my problem with these clicking sound.
There was problem in my AV receiver not in VERO 4k+.