Dolby Digital Passthrough not working - For Live TV (Leia)

Dolby digital audio pass-through is not working on the latest [TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds. PCM is sent to AV receiver.

It works well on the stable August release.
How can i get it to work on Liea?

logs link below

Wait for the next build maybe? Pre-release development software is expected to break during development. If stability is important to you then it only makes sense that you should stay on 17.6 stable branch.

I can confirm none of the Hi-res audio modes are working. Was this the release where they implemented our DTS-HRA fix, @gmc?

No, don’t believe its been implemented yet

I thought they merged it which is why we had to rebase our HRA patch

I must be getting confused. Are you referring to this one:

Was merged a few weeks ago.

Yes. Then we rebased 127 iirc

It’s all coming back to me now :slight_smile:

I think it’s been working since then. I wonder what they broke? Is there any chat about it at Kodi? If not, we’ll have to have a look.

Haven’t heard of anything.
Debug log or just testing on our end should give us a clue.


Dolby Digital passthrough is still not working on OSCMC. However, the DTS HD MA is working fine.
Dolby Digital passthough has been / is working fine on Coreelec in the period since I first reported it, which sugests it may be an OSMC specific issue. Has this been looked at?

log from today below

Do you get the same problem playing DVD rips or just with pvr recordings? (if I’ve read your log correctly).

Live TV is not meant to support passthrough. CE have added a hack for this; but it’s not a good idea to include this anymore. We included it in Kodi v17 but it causes its own set of problems.


Dolby Digital on ripped movies is being passed through ok.

Has this been decided by the Kodi maintainers and there are currently no efforts to to enable passthough on Live TV that you are aware of?

Can a set of instructions be provided to enable this (with a disclaimer of the potential consequences)?

It was decided by Kodi developers in Kodi v17.
We reverted this change, but it’s not a good idea, and very broken in Kodi v18.

To re-add support: you’d need to compile this from source.

See the discussion here: Videoplayer passthrough for live tv streams