Dolby Vision and Atmos indicators

Show if a video is in Dolby Vision or has an Atmos track.

I think this would require a newer version of Kodi and current skin implementation doesn’t support this.

I do believe that we already show if a video has an Atmos track.

@Chillbo can confirm.

Doesn’t Kodi just use mediainfo?

I’ve only seen the carrier (eAC3/TrueHD) ID’d in the Kodi UI.

Kodi uses ffmpeg to parse stream details. I believe that Dolby Vision profile parsing depends on newer versions of ffmpeg. But the current version of ffmpeg should indeed be at least able to identify a stream as having a Dolby Vision layer.

Then the skins have to support these logos / have a method to extract these stream properties.
My understanding is that Kodi v20 will be able to detect and display HDR information for files via a skin.

HDR types can be shown by skins with the next Kodi version (Nexus):

Atmos tracks can already be shown in media views, but it needs the workaround via file names: The OSMC Skin

Unfortunately, there’s not much more we can do about this as all of this is relying on Kodi offering this information to skins and thus also our own OSMC Skin. For some reason nobody at Team Kodi could tell me why Kodi only knows about the core track and not about the 3D audio metadata…