Dolby Vision content on Vero

Six months later I wanted to ask if there are any further plans? DV support in MKVs is rather robust already and HDR10+ didn’t gain any support (most TVs also don’t support it). It’s the one feature I’m missing on my Vero 4K+ compared to other players already supporting it.

I am also curious about this.

We have nothing that we can publicly comment on this time



I am also excited for the possibility of DV support on the Vero 4k+ in the future!

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We’re working on some things…



I’ll happily buy an new vero for this support :).

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Don’t give me hope.
– Clint Barton, 2023

is this the best thread to watch for an update on this when you are free to say/share more details with us @sam_nazarko ?

There is no specific thread - best to keep an eye on release notes.

Super Curious about this player, How is it compared to a nvidia shield pro i know it supports dolby vision but i find it very tempremental and can be sluggish.

The NVIDIA Shield is based on Android I believe.

OSMC is a Linux based operating system.

Our focus is primarily on playback, rather than being an all-round Android device.

I experienced the Vero 4K as a pretty snappy device when it came to navigating menus, fast forwarding maybe a bit less so. There is currently no Dolby Vision support tho, so if that’s a priority for you then you should look elsewhere.

Is Blog - OSMC still the place to watch for Release Notes? And is there also a differing location for changelogs for the various patches?


You can get changelog information from Git as well.

I would trust the linux based vero way more than an android device. I know of one android device that can do mkvs with dolby vision but it’s stuck on like androind 10 or something (mabye older)…
As mentioned before if a new device is needed to support dolby vision would be happy to purchase it, Between my family and myself I have 3 osmc vero’s running ;). Also happy if you needed us to pay some sort of extra licence cost for support too. (as they say you get you what you pay for).


@sam_nazarko - one thing I’m not entirely clear about…if you have a TV that supports Dolby Vision (e.g. LG OLED C2), will Vero passthrough that stream down the HDMI and will the LG be able to read it and then render the Dolby Vision content correctly?

No. Vero would need to

  • recognise the display as supporting DV
  • read the DV metadata from the stream
  • make the metadata suitable for passing through HDMI

None of this is trivial although gradually some details of the DV secret sauce are emerging. In addition, if you had a dual-layer stream (eg from Blu-Ray), Vero would (ideally) have to combine the layers to produce the magic Dolby reference picture. Vero doesn’t have the hardware or licence to do that.

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