Dolby Vision support for the Vero 4K

I would really like dolby vision support. Is this in progress or on hold?


This won’t happen for the Vero 4K unfortunately.


Is this mission impossible to implement via software? Isn’t dolby vision just a 8bit 4:4:4 video stream; with an additional video-stream containing the remaining bits/curve?

Dolby Vision requires that every device in the chain is HDCP compliant, which will cause an issue there.

You then need licensing and to use a closed off libdovi.ko module.
Our focus is on HDR / HDR10+ / HLG for the foreseeable future.

I think Dolby Vision will be a format with limited reach. I believe only single layer discs can be used on devices like Apple TV, and I’m not sure if they can even be remuxed / ripped yet.


In addition, there are already a lot of devices out there that support HDR (and it’s variants) but can’t support Dolby Vision even with firmware upgrades. So, I don’t see any release containing only Dolby Vision before the Vero 4K is end of life.

Maybe Dolby Vision is better than HDR, but it’s not like the difference between HDR and no HDR.

Dolby Vision is in my view the best high dynamic range solution. My vision for the future is that this format will win. I can enjoy Dolby Vision from my Oppo 203 and my Apple TV 4K. But I also have to agree that normal HDR is better than SDR.

I much prefer Dolby Vision over HDR10, for me it just looks a lot more dynamic. Unfortunately Dolby was very slow pushing this into devices but on Netflix DV looks great and I’m looking forward to my next Blu-ray player which supports it. DV support would be my number one spot on a wishlist for a Vero 4k successor (besides Netflix and Amazon Prime which are more Kodi issues).

You should get Oppo UDP-203, it got support for dolby vision. Don’t wait too long, Oppo is not earning money on them so production has stopped - they will be available in shops this year. Alternatively you can get the Oppo UDP-205 (same stuff, just better DAC and double price - which does not matter if you are pushing everything via HDMI).

It’s obviously a great device but pretty expensive here in Germany (850 Euro). I’m currently waiting for the Panasonic UB824 which also features HDR10+ (to be futureproof) and an amazing upscaler.

i looked into this a bit and learned that Dolby Vision is different for streaming to the one included on UHD blu rays.
Apparently the UHD is dual layer and the streaming one is single layer. If a device supports dolby vision then it will likely be single layer unless its a blu ray player.
On top of this apparently MKV container format can’t hold a dual layer blu ray so it seems all this must be fixed first before OSMC / Vero can look into supporting it.
There is some work ongoing to see if a UHD can be remuxed to single layer but no idea if its possible at this stage.

Happy to be corrected on any of the above.

I am still wondering if you have read this post

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