Dolby Vision with HDFury Vertex2

Hi All,

I have been following the discussion on DV - but am unsure on the following.
Would it be possible to output Dolby Vision content from the Vero V with HDFury Vertex2?


Not sure about the exact wording you are using. But the Vero V will not output DV regardless of the connected device.
The Vero V will be outputting DV (Profile 5) sources as HDR10 if the receiving device supports it.

OK thanks - I guess this is because i really don’t know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

I’ll do some more reading - but seems this isn’t worth really looking in to

@fzinken is correct. The HDFury trick is to make a DV-enabled player think it is connected to a DV-enabled display (capable of understanding ‘LLDV’) when you actually have a non-DV display. Vero V is not a DV-enabled player.

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