Dolby Vision

The ‘fall back’ is already available and played from Profiles 4, 7, 8.1 and 8.7 (iPhone HEVC). I’ve not found any other varieties of Profile 8 or any Profile 9 streams to test but there’s no reason why they should not work right now.

Assuming profile 7 or 8, the Vero is simply playing back the HDR10 layer.

Oh right, my box is in the shop so not been used in a while

Hello All…
So I’m not a tech guy, so what I say might be pointless, however…
I own a 4K box, and love it, I’ve had a few issues, and those issues can be seen because I have posted here on the form. I would consider myself a Nvidia Shield type of person… from a marketing point of view
However, do I want Dolby Vision???
First off, here is my personal option of everything I have read about Dolby Vision…

It’s a complete mess, and has probably failed in it’s primary objective of becoming a ratified end to end video distribution channel… , do I want it? YES!!!

Why do I think it’s a mess? Well, when I look back and read all the original press and marketing releases, Dolby Vision was presented as this licensed, secure end to end video channel, so any TV, TV box, 4K buray player, or media distribution channel, that supported Dolby Vision would be tested and calibrated AND authenticated as an end to end chain

As someone that never really understands what all the tech stuff is… all I can say is… what a load of bu** shi* Dolby Vision has become… do I still want it? Yes I do!!!

It feel like Dolby Vision was rushed out in response to HDR10, the promise was if your media chain had Dolby Vision, then you MEDIA CHAIN was DOLBY VISION certified!!!

What I load of marking B*** Sh**!!!

There are so many TV’s from Sony, LG, and Samsung, that suffer from Black Crush in Dolby Vision modes!

It is MEANT TO BE AN END TO END calibrated mode, TV manufactures can only implement Dolby Vision to their specifications… I think we can all see the Bu** Shi* here.

When we had Dolby Bright rushed out because everyone was complaining Dolby Vision was too dark… then we had Dolby Vision IQ, and so on… the promise of a licensed, calibrated video chain, from Dolby Vision is Ba** Shi*…

But to Sam and Others, I still would love a Vero Dolby Vision product!


Because when Dolby Vision works… it works well, and can give that extra impact to a proper integrated Dolby Vision chain, so… Mastering, media, decoder, display…

Also, when I buy a 4K blu-ray for £20… of Amazon, I can’t help wanting to have the Dolby Vision option, otherwise I feel I am loosing £2-3 in value…

It’s the same with my AV Receiver, I want it to decode all the major audio formats, if it can’t then I feel I’m missing out.

So to repeat, do I think Dolby Vision is great, NO I DON’T, do I WANT IT, YES I DO!

Will I stop using OSMC within the next year or so if it does not support Dolby Vision?

Because in the last year I must have spent over £800 on DVD, blu-rays, and 4K Bu-rays, and the percentage of Dolby Vision tiles just keeps increasing day by day…

There are of cause many factors in the media chain, like how to get Dolby Vision titles into my library, which I use MakeMKV, now I have NO idea if they support Dolby Vision, however, from reading their forums, it seems they do support some Dolby Vision Profiles…

So, I bought by 4K vero a few years ago, Sam, can check, it might be 4-5 years now???

Would I but a new Vero, yes, but only if it supported Dolby Vision, AND, Dolby Vision via MakeMKV… because you have to get the media available in the right format somehow… a new Vero 4K that only support a Dolby Vision streaming format and not via MakeMKV format would be pointless for me…

So here are some of my personal thoughts, which I hope helps Sam and the wider communality…

So imagine Sam says to me… okay Chris, you want a Vero Box that supports Dolby Vision…

Yes I say :slight_smile: So the current Vero Box is… £140??? (I don’t know the exact price), that’s not important, what is important is the premium Sam asks for…

So if Sam was to ask me would I pay the cost of the Vero 4K + £20 for proper Dolby Vision support? Then I would say yes… I would… I hope that helps Sam and anyone else!

Dolby Vision (Vero) rant over, now enjoying a glass of red wine! :slight_smile:

Great feedback! So buying physical media is not dead just yet!? (white wine, here)

Have you actually seen DV?

Another problem as you’ve highlighted is indeed compatibility across whole chain which is why I think our solution is best.

The problem isn’t price (although it would be much much higher than that), it’s that OSMC can’t exist in its current form if we go down that road.

Yes, my TV does DV, and my TV box does DV… why?
It’s my 4K Blu Ray collection I’m here for?
Even my now quite old Denon AV reviver passes through DV
DV is everywhere, I am a Vero 4K customer because I buy, and rip (with MakeMKV, which I have in fact paid for…) DVD’s, Blu-rays, Audio CD’s, and now, 4K HDR Blu rays… it’s the 4K HDR (Dolby Vision) part that I am starting to review… the last two a bought where Aliens, and The Thing… had them both on Blu Ray already…

Sorry Sam, what was your point???

You have to pay the rights to play dv, big companes might but most aren’t so that should tell you something. If you want it that bad get the homatics box. I dont want to put words in Sam’s mouth but I’m pretty sure hes never going to pay dolby for it. Streaming hdr10+ is fine.

I still want to know what Sam meant, I feel slightly Pis*d off

So you are now are giving the formal press release for osmc???

Did i say that? Samsung dont use it amazon dont use it, just saying why are you being quite rude almost demanding Osmc does. It would only have a small userbase and theres an alternative thats currently on sale if you really want it now.

Im not sure what you thought I or anyone else said but I’ll leave it here as you need to calm down.

How am I being rude?
Who are you, are you an official OMSC representative?

Im noone just another user, why dont you ask dolby why dv is so closed source? Maybe it wont be one day when they’ve made the profit they want.

My name is Chris, and I’m not on here to do anything negative.
I assume your are Mark, so hello, Mark, I do get the whole Dolby thing… I spent 30 minutes last night posting why I think Dolby is “poor”, but also explained why I still wanted it on a Vero device…

Hello Chris,

Never say never, on the next osmc device maybe one day dv will work but no one can say for definite. Especially as there is no future box yet. You must have spend a lot on all those blu rays. Personally i stream off the Internet even if it’s on my nas as a better version is usually there.

I can’t think of a solution for you but time, meanwhile you’ll have to use the old fashioned way i guess and stick the disk in.

Yes it is, Mark

Nice to meet you Mark, and thank you for your message.
We are now friends!
So I don’t stream, but I do feel that is where the world is moving…
How much have I spent on media, so most comes from Amazon, some from HMV, but I have over 200 disks, so even at an average of £10 a disk, that’s over £2000, and that scares me putting it in writing, but I’m sure there are others on here with more that 200 disks!!!
So if you do, reply to Mark and Chris (Streaming), (Disks) :slight_smile:

Everything is streaming, even sky, i guess it helps to have ftth like i do, but more people are getting it everyday. I never would have thought i could have upstreamed two 4k films at once a few years back. I dont do that just shows where we are with faster than gbs being tested right now and 2.5gbs routers being standard.

Many years ago i worked at bt as methods of delivering fibre were being tested. Taken too long really.

With ai i see a significant speed up in things, invest there if you got some spare.


Really, I’m I so much out so touch? Maybe I am… crumbs…

Every video on my NAS I have bought and ripped with MakeMKV…

The next 4K blu ray I will buy is… Picnic at Hanging Rock! Released on the 1st of May!

Can’t wait :slight_smile:

There is constraints to what can be said sometimes on certain topics for legal reasons. There exists companies that go to lengths to prevent disclosure of contractual terms even for deals that an entity decides not to sign onto. I think his statement “OSMC can’t exist in its current form if we go down that road” isn’t too hard to read into. Obviously licensing DV at this time would require some types of changes that would extend beyond DV and would be to the detriment of the project as a whole.

And FWIW I’m a mod, not a rep, and therefore this isn’t an official statement.