Donation via Liberapay

@sam_nazarko I would be happy to set up recurring donations for OSMC, but just not via Paypal.

Is there any chance an official OSMC account could be created on Liberapay as an alternative way to donate?


Liberapay hosts a lot of FOSS-oriented people/teams/organizations → Explore - Liberapay

OpenCollective may be another possiblity maybe, but it’s more tedious with the requirement to re-confirm donation every now and then (well, it’s changing).

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Thanks for your donation offer.

I’ll look in to this and update the thread. A bit busy around here but will see what it takes to set it up.



I made an account, but it seems to be linked against my personal GitHub rather than the OSMC organisation and I’m not sure how to amend that.

Unsure, but you I’m pretty confident you cant ask Liberapay peole about it.

As for me, as long as I know that it’s the official LIberapay account, that’s ok for me.

That said, I can see that it’s possible to change from individual to Organisation in Profile

For you that would be in

I think I’ll have to contact them as it says my post code is incomplete, which is not correct.