[Done] kernel update 4.9 and heat


thank you for the delivery.super device.

Fan and heat
Can I install fans here?. The part will 100 degrees.
Certified up to 120 degrees.have I read.

Has anyone ever installed fans?.Is that at all?.
I would have paid with gladly with cooling 170€.

Please give me no tips use other skin oders or little addon at Emby.
I have already read everything here. Thanks

Kernel 4.9
I need this only for local stream, about Synology.
Emby and Kodi stream works fine together.

Should I update this is this in beta?.
If no do I get this via OSMC System menu?.Kernel update?.

Unfortunately I do not know English so well I have translated the text.probably looks weird. :slight_smile:


With kind regards


I don’t believe anyone has installed fans or had a need to do so.

Are you experiencing problems with the device; or are you just concerned about the temperature? I couldn’t find an existing forum post / support ticket.

The 4.9 kernel has better thermal governing and will likely reduce the temperature of your device.

You should not need to use a different skin or different add-ons, but it would be good if you uploaded some logs so we can check your settings are optimal and there isn’t something causing load on your device.


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Hello Sam

No I am worried, There was nothing smoked :slight_smile:
Vero4k+ is running fine.

Then I will manually update the kernel as in update thread.
Do I have to log in as root ? sudo?


With kind regards

Unless the device is overheating, I wouldn’t worry.

The 4.9 kernel is still in experimental stages.

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ok thanks,

then I wait with the kernel


I keep my Vero 4K sitting on top of my AVR sitting between a Raspberry Pi and a Dish Network Joey. Over this last summer the room it was in was over 90F for most of two or three months while it was being used. This is very much not recommended by OSMC. Despite that, I never had it overheat on me.

I understand that one can get concerned when they read about issues some people have on this site. It is important to remember that this is a support site. There will always be issues that come up for some people with most any product. Issues with heat are fairly rare outside of 4K60 playback which happens to be especially demanding on hardware.