Dongles compatibility for vero 4k+


I recently purchased a vero 4k+ to replace a vero 4k that died on me, seeing that in the store you can buy a dongle to use it with DVB-T2 digital TV transmission, i was wondering about the compatibility with other systems?

i’m from Chile, and in latin america almost all countries use ISDB-T for DTV, and i found this dongle on Aliexpress and was wondering if it would work with the Vero:

(My TV has an on-board receiver, but i would like to use it within the Vero)

Thanks in advance

Quick update: Our standard is ISDB-Tb or ISDB-T international (the brazilian version of the japanese standard ISDB-T). Don’t know if both are compatible

TV Dongles are a tricky thing as you need a driver that is working on the Vero and you also need a firmware for the stick. Normally to validated if a stick is supported you would need to know the chipset used and also the revision.
Best information of which sticks are supported on Linux (which means it is quite likely that driver can be compiled for Vero) can be found on LinuxTV, here the ISDB page