Don't Understand the Upgrade Process

Ok, I am not a programmer by trade, but I don’t understand the upgrade process for OSMC. There has been a number of upgrades since 0.9.9 was released. I know this from upgrading my two boxes manually. Different screen features, menus etc. and changes in OSMC overall. But don’t understand why the version number is still 0.9.9. Wouldn’t it be prudent to update the version number so users know exactly what version they have installed.

Are you confusing OSMC and Kodi?

While you may be seeing “a number of upgrades” you need to understand that these are likely individual packages (components) which have their own versioning numbers and squences. Not the system as a whole. You will not see version 1.0.0 until we reach final.

No not confusing the two, I see Kodi is always updating, but there has been some upgrades to OSMC where I see different menus (Mostly MY OSMC), etc.

That will be the OSMC skin for Kodi and the GUI for the My OSMC updating.