Double image on home page

This (see attached) has started recently and although it is happening more frequently, it’s still random. On initially switching the tv on the vero’s display shows 2 of everything (sometimes some elements of the graphics flicker), plus if I navigate further down the home page list the display stays where it is (so I can’t see items further down)

. Once any material is selected and starts playing, the output is perfect and will stay ok until next power off/on. I’ll happily upload logs but I’m wondering if it points to the TV or cabling rather than the vero 4K. Thanks

By any chance is your TV capable of 3D? It looks like you’ve got 3D configured on the Vero but not switched into 3D mode on your TV.

yes, it does have that sort of look, but no, not a 3d tv. Good idea though.

Try enabling HPD Lock under Settings -> Display.
Can you SSH / ping the device when this happens?

It could still be that the Kodi interface is set to output in 3D. Your TV then doesn’t know what to do with the split frames so mashes them both together.

Thanks Sam and TheDarkKnight. Typically, it’s randomness has since kicked in and it’s behaving as it should. Just in case - I’ve enabled HPD Lock and checked the 3d settings (I’ve changed it to ‘Ignore’ for ‘Playback mode of stereoscopic 3D videos’). I’ll return if it rears its head again. Thanks for the help.