Double purchase


I just purchased a Vero4k…twice. The first time I tried using Amazon Pay and when I confirmed the purchase I was shown a message that I couldn’t use this method of pay. So, I decided to use the CC option and that order went through. However, a minute later I received an email from Amazon Pay that my previous order had gone through. I want to cancel my second order, if the Amazon Pay order did in fact go through.

I tried using the contact form on the OSMC webpage and sent a similar message as this, but when I hit the “send” button I wasn’t redirected and only saw the send button turn green with a “message sent” notification (the info in the forms didn’t disappear or anything…which makes it confusing as to whether the message was actually sent…needs a better UI). So, I’m not sure if any message really was sent.

Anyway, I guess the point of this is, who do I contact to cancel my second order?


I’ll deal with this shortly.


Thank you! I am showing a charge on my CC for the order. The CC is the same one that is linked to my Amazon account, so the fact that I only see one charge (as of writing this…maybe it’ll show up later…) leads me to believe that the Amazon Pay purchase did not go through. Who knows? If you need my order numbers, let me know and I can PM you those details.

I’ve checked this and from a quick glance can see we have only received one order from you (15568). If a second payment was taken you should have received a second order number.

This was paid via card (not Amazon).