Downgrade Kodi 18.8 to 18.7?

After receiving the October update, some of the streams I’m watching stopped working. There seems to be a know issue with the Inputstream Adaptive addon in Kodi 18.8, which worked perfectly in 18.7.

As the title says, is downgrading Kodi to 18.7 possible without reinstalling?

You’d have to reinstall OSMC to go back to 18.7 as Buster won’t support the build.

My understand is that the issue has been raised in the Kodi Slack however. I’ll be happy to push a new version once 18.9 comes out (which is imminent).

If you can hold off for a few days, then it would save you a fair bit of hassle

I will ask on your behalf if we can expect this to be resolved in the next version of InputStream.



Sure, will do. Thank you.

Kodi v18.9 is about to be released, although we incorporated the changes that were important already.

Unfortunately there’s no IA fix yet.
I will investigate further