Downgrade Kodi to v18.9 on RPi3

I updated both of my RPi3s yesterday - only to find out that h265 is no longer supported. Oops!

Is there any way to downgrade Kodi from v19 to 18.9 on OSMC? I thought I read somewhere that Sam was going to leave an image somewhere - but I can’t find where I had read that.


You’ll need to redownload and install from Download - OSMC

Thanks for the quick reply Sam - but I only noticed an option to choose dates when using the Windows installer, and it looks like it goes back a year? Do you happen to know which date had the last v18?

Also, as a side note, I can’t thank-you enough for OSMC! I’ve ran it on my RPis for years now. I love it!

From what I’ve found, the November 2020 update was the last one to have v18.9, but I’ve been unable to find an image or a way to load that old update. Does anyone know where I could find an image (or if the download link that Sam provided actually has that Nov 2020 update)?

You can find older versions at We don’t delete older versions.

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Perfect! Thanks Sam - that’s exactly what I was looking for!