Downgrade Transmission

Hello, I have installed Transmission on my PI 3 from the OSMC app store.

It is version 2.84:

$transmission-daemon -v
Transmission 2.84 (14307)

I would like to downgrade it to v. 2.82, that is the last supported by transmissionrpc, a python library needed by Flexget to control the transmission daemon.

Can I just do a
$sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon=2.82

or this is could cause issues with other dependencies?

Which is the best way to downgrade Transmission?


Anyone can give me a suggestion?

You will have to build it from source or use another repository.

Thank you Sam.

Can you please give me an hint on how to add a new repository?

Try googling ‘Transmission APT repo’. Keep in mind we cannot provide support for third party repositories or older versions of Transmission.