Download to Vero storage

I have a Vero 4K+ with 2 usb attached 6tb drives. I usually disconnect one and add any new content via my laptop.
I’m wondering if I can make it easier and download directly from my google drive instead without the laptop?
Loving the whole Vero experience by the way.

You can mount your Google Drive on the Vero (instructions at places like those listed here mount google drive debian - Google Search) and then it would be like a local copy.

If you want to use Kodi’s built-in File Manager, you would have to add the mount point for the Google Drive as a source.

I should have said, I have it there on the Vero as a source and can play directly from it, but my bandwidth would struggle with a 4K file. So I usually download it instead.
I can’t see an option on viewing the drive through the Vero to download it though.

So I’ve just managed to add it as a source on file manager. So I see the g drive along with my 2 usb drives and can go into each of them.
But how do I move a file from the g drive to one of the usb drives?

The drives should appear under the /media directory automatically.
I think Kodi’s file manager supports copying.

I can’t see an option to copy Sam

Have you tried using the context menu (three lined button)? That should bring up some options.


Thanks Sam I see it now. Looks like you need the source open on the left and the destination open on the right hand side and it copies. Looking good thanks.