Downloaded Kodi 18, but don't want to install yet

Because of the many changes in 18, I’m going to need to do more testing before I upgrade my OSMC.

So I went into settings, and changed the update to “always prompt”, but it looks like I didn’t “ok/save” the change I made, so it looks like the update has been downloaded, and is ready to install, but I haven’t restarted my Vero4k yet.

Is it possible to rollback before restarting so that the update isn’t actually installed; that is, without having to restore the previous version?

I’m assuming there’s a startup file that triggers the update on restart? Could I delete/rename that file? if so which file(s)?


It won’t install on reboot – just decline the update prompt.


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Great, will I need to redo that on every restart (just so I know to tell the others in the household).


Excellent, thanks of getting back to me so quickly.