Downloaded subtitles not saved

When trying to download and store subtitles from podnapisi to my network drive (in the same movie folder) I got this error:

15:23:38 80059.242188 T:1636824048 ERROR: OnDownloadComplete - Saving of subtitle /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.subtitles.podnapisi/temp/9f8560ed-1b7f-4991-b4dc-078bf2119ca5.sub to upnp://1684f1d5-3955-b012-377f-65efcc24dca6/5e396d946b212b1ac450/ failed

Any idea why the saving failed?

upnp? Try nfs or samba shares

Well, there’s no such a choice in the add-on.

For queries about addons you are much better served by the Kodi forum or by contacting the add-on developer directly.

I’m not talking about the addon. Try changing your sources to samba or nfs rather than upnp, there are/were several limitations to what can be achieved with upnp sources. I wouldn’t be surprised if writing to them is one of them

SMB is already used to access this NAS. (smb://NAS/…).
The file is being downloaded but the copy to the NAS fails.

Well your log shows that the addon tries to save it via upnp

So as @yknivag already recommended try your luck on the Kodi Forum as it is quite unlikely be OSMC specific.

I’ll give a try there…