Downloaded subtitles won't get saved, best solution?

Whenever I download subtitles they tend to disappear after I’ve stopped the video. Got the setting that the subtitles is stored with the movie file, like it that way!

Which leads me to believe that it’s write permissions error, due to the fact that the movie files is on a external drive, where another user than osmc owns all files, at least I suspect that’s the case. (as “ps aux | grep kodi” all though shows stand-alone process owned by root, but launched with some user=osmc -parameter)

So, could this be the case, osmc running the instance and with that getting no write permission?

If, what would be the smoothest way to give osmc write permissions to the video directory, without changing owner or give group write permission and add osmc to group?

Would it break much if I launch osmc as another user (after copying /home/osmc/.kodi and whats needed over to the other user)?


  • Rikard

Actually they are stored in your pi. Since the addons ‘download’ the movie to the temp folder, the .srt file is stored there as well…IF you had the movie in a normal folder (usb HD, network HD etc), THEN the .srt file would be saved there.
Check your /temp folder, and you’ll find tons of .fi files or .srt files… You can safely remove those, cause they are subtitle files downloaded when you played a movie from an addon

I guess you didn’t read this part.

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uhhh yes, sorry. hmmm, i have full rights on my shared folder, probably thats why i never had this problem.

Since we have no logs, we really have no idea if this is a permissions problem or other.

Thank you for all you replies!

I’ll check for logs and get back to you!

  • Rikard

I’ve quite the same issue.
When trying to download and store subtitles from podnapisi to my network drive I got this error:

15:23:38 80059.242188 T:1636824048 ERROR: OnDownloadComplete - Saving of subtitle /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.subtitles.podnapisi/temp/9f8560ed-1b7f-4991-b4dc-078bf2119ca5.sub to upnp://1684f1d5-3955-b012-377f-65efcc24dca6/5e396d946b212b1ac450/ failed

As a genuine newb I don’t know how to fix this.