Downloader/installer for current Linux platforms

It would also be nice if the Linux platform installers and repos were for current versions of popular Linux distros.

RHEL and CentOS are redundant (and 8 is about to be released), Debian is up to 9.8 and Ubuntu’s current LTS release is 18.04. Fedora, which is far more popular on the desktop than RHEL or CentOS, is missing and is currently 29, then there are the more popular Manjaro, MX and Mint, as well as different base distros such as Gentoo andArch (for which there is no mention of AUR (en) - osmc-installer-bin ).

I’m aware that packages can be portable between sufficiently common distros and users may be sufficiently capable and familiar with the process, but having a native package or repo for the current version is ideal.

I’m happy to accept a PR for this.
I don’t have the time to maintain so many installers for various distributions. It may be better to build a static binary of the installer; or drop the Linux installer altogether.


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