Downloads page - md5 not found

On the download page, the links for the 2017.06-1 files have got ‘md5 not found’ next to them. Known issue?

That’s because this image file is not available yet.

OK, let’s rephrase it then to make it a new question.

On the download page, I see that links have been posted for files that are not available yet. Known issue?

Known - yes, issue - no.

OK, if it was me, I’d make the files available first and then link to them. And if it wasn’t intentional, I’d have the courage to admit that it was a mistake.

No matter, common sense is not really common to all.

But it was.

Yes, that’s what the common sense part of my comment refers to.

we’re rebels.

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To me, common sense is not insulting the developer of free software, but possible giving constructive criticism.

There can be a 10-15 minute delay between the images updating on the server. This isn’t usually a big deal. The MD5 won’t resolve, but the download link itself will work and the installer will succeed as it checks integrity in a different way (file).

Most people use the installer.

As the propogation across mirrors only takes a few minutes, we add the links after the builds have completed.

Your post history leaves much to be desired. The constant moaning and snide remarks aren’t necessary. If you do not like OSMC, you are in no way forced to use it.

Actually, the download links did not work. Clicking on them just resulted in a message ‘File not found.’

Anyway, I asked a simple question and I got a very defensive answer.

The explanation you’ve provided now, “As the propogation across mirrors only takes a few minutes, we add the links after the builds have completed”, is much better, and much preferable to “issue - no” (which is basically like saying “everything here is perfect the way it’s been done, don’t even try to suggest that anything here is sub-optimal”.

Link works here. Double check and report back.

Yes, now they’re working. I’ve just been able to download the ones for Pi 1 and Pi 3.