Driver compile for usb wifi card Netgeag A6210

I am wondering what I need to compile the driver needed to use my usb wifi card. I have tried plugging up to the atv using a powered usb hub and it still doesn’t come on. I’m pretty sure I need to install the drivers for the card on the atv.

Any help would be great, thanks.

Well the first stage there is always to provide a dmesg output so that the ID of the device is clear and we can see if a potential driver exists.
But a quick google with the device name indicates that there is currently no kernel driver for this device.

Currently I am following a guide on trying to make the driver, but I run into problems when trying to run the make command. It seems that it can’t find the headers for osmc.

Did you install the headers?

Most likely you will need to check for the current version

I checked to make sure that the headers where installed, and they where. It seems to be a problem with the makefile I believe. I was wondering what directory the headers are in? This should hopefully send me in the right direction.