Drivers Missing for Keyspan Remote

Hmmm just found this out the other day my MCE RF Keyspan remote works on my Raspberry Pi-2 with Openelec but not on my Raspberry Pi-2 with OSMC I have several of Each and can confirm this,

Using OSMC 6.0

The Keyspan ER-V2 RF Remote doesn’t actually require drivers to operate. Instead, it utilizes the standard USB-HID implementation found in whatever operating system you are using. As such, this remote presents itself to the computer as a standard mouse and keyboard with a built-in numeric pad. Problems can arise when a system’s USB-HID implementation has flaws. For example, Mac OSX’s implementation is not only incomplete in areas , but the incoming device information is hijacked by the operating system and malformed before it is passed on to the usual suspects, wreaking all sorts of havoc with “standardized” input devices.

While it’s not likely to be anything that severe here, it could be that this remote won’t work with OSMC for some similar reason. Even if this is the culprit, It still might not be the fault of OSMC. It could be that the remote has been tailored to certain nuanced differences in the USB-HID implementation found in Windows. If these nuances do exist and yet OpenElec still recognizes input, it could even be that the implementation found in OpenElec is also aware of them and is adjusted accordingly.

The short of it is that you have a “standardized” USB device that is not being recognized. I’m currently having a similar problem and am trying to track down a solution. The problem seems to be that “standards” are not as standardized as you might think between platforms. Once the new device input layer is added in Kodi Krypton, it might be that you find your remote working again, but you never know. In the mean time I wish you much luck.

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Well I really don’t have any problems setting up OSMC or Openelec since I have both of them running on many Pi-1 and P1-2’s I just got to be careful If I purchase any more Keyspan RF remotes. I like RF instead of IR since you can hide the Pi behind the wall TV.

So it has to be in the OSMC code then. Oh well this post will warn users with Keyspan