Drives disconnecting from USB hub


Having some problems with drives that keep disconnecting from the USB hub. I have tried the USB hub sold on this site, as well as one I ordered from Amazon, but the problem is the same. If I hook up more than one drive to the hub, the drives will disconnect after a few moments (unsafe eject). Sometimes they will seem to reconnect then disconnect again.

Any advice would be appreciated.


So you are using the USB Hub with the respective power supply?
Which drives are you connecting (Brand/Model)?

Yes I am using the power supply with the hub I ordered from this site. The hub from Amazon didn’t come with a power supply. The drives are Western Digital portable 2 TB Elements and a portable Seagate 2 TB drive (silver slim). The drives also tend to make strange clicking noises I don’t like when more than one is connected to the hub.

I also tried removing the RF adapter for the remote, freeing up the 2nd USB port. I plugged the 2nd drive in to that port (not using the hub at all). The 1st hard drive immediately disconnected and reconnected. However, after that, the 2 drives remained connected. But, I continued to regularly hear that strange clicking sound coming from one of the drives, although much less frequently than when the hub was connected. Now it’s about once every 3 minutes that I hear it click.

Can you post some logs via My OSMC?

This sounds all towards power issues. The USB 3.0 drives can draw a bit more then the old drives but technically still 2 should be supported by the power supply of the powered hub.
So connecting the drives without the powered hub is clearly a no go, with the power supply connected and everything in order it should work.

Well, funnily enough, I powered the device off to connect it to a different TV and after I rebooted I am no longer having these issues. Should they reoccur I will post logs.

Just to be clear, I was always using the power supply for the hub.

Thanks to everyone who responded.


Hi Tony, did you ever have this problem again as i am not having issues with drives freezing or disconnecting or in some cases not even connecting. and yet it has worked perfectly with 4 hard drives for the last few months?