DRM plugins inputstream

Hi Sam
I try to configure DRM for the plugin Catch-up TV (latest from their GIT) and he need the Plugin inputstream (helper and adaptive).
EDIT: Helper is found but not adaptive. I can install adaptive from Peak3D github, but before I do that. My Question what is the reason that I don’t found it in the official (OSMC) Kodi repo.

Inputstream.adaptive is a binary add-on and is compiled with OSMC. You probably need to install some python binaries in order to use libwidvine, easiest way to do that is to run the Netflix_prep_install.sh found here:

Besides installing the required python libraries it downloads the Netflix add-on, but never installs it.

Are u sure its not installed but disabled?

Go to:
Add-on Browser…
My add ons…
VideoPlayer InputStream.

And see if InputStream Adaptive is there and enabled.

you are right. I must clean up my glasses.