Droibox Nano OSMC support?

Hi, quick question…
I have a Droibox Nano (from JustStop Ltd), which is absolute pure junk. I crashes religiously, and i’m no fan of the Android 7.1 as a media OS that its running on.

Is there any chance to run OSMC on this box? Has anyone tried it?



OSMC (in its current version) is limited to the Raspberry and Vero Family at the time of writing this.

Hey Fzinken,
Thx for reply. I’ll hack around with this box when i get some time.


LibreElec is what you are looking for for this box. It is a JEOS (Just Enough Operating System) for running Kodi.
I don’t want to post a link to specific site but if you google “install libreelec on android box” the top result should be a guide from March this year and it seems fairly comprehensive.
I actually have the same box (picked it up for £15 from Amazon) and have been considering trying it myself but just haven’t had the time or indeed the need. I just use OSMC and Raspberry Pis.

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Just to follow this up…
I actually tried it this evening and it was relatively straightforward actually installing LibreElec (Once I used an SD card that was working…).
It seems to run very well and relatively quickly on the Nano, given it only has 1GB of RAM.
Only major issue I had was that I had to create a custom remote.conf file in order to use the IR remote that came with the box. Bit of a pain and a slog but all the major functions are now working.
Was just in a tinkering mood and OP’s post made me have a go.
Lots learned in the process. More to go.

Nice work CC, and thanks for the update on this.
I had seen LibreElec on initial investigations yesterday, but focused efforts on new fw for the box (based on it being t95n/s905w hardware). No joy so far, so will switch towards LE.

…should at least keep me occupied till my V4k finally lands, hehe!!


CC, quick update… I got this running with LibreElec, and it runs sweeeeet!
Had to route around for a correct bootloader (in my case “gxl_p212_1g_nand.dtb”, as i kept getting stuck on android screen), but once in took just moments to flash.


Ps, also came across Alex@ELEC on github whose doing some good work with coreElec. Will try that sometime also.

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Nice one. It seems to run very well on my box too. Pretty zippy for what it is.
Hopefully I’ll find a use for it!
Edited to add: I also got Kodi installed on a SteamLink a few weeks ago. It runs terribly but it was an interesting experiment!