Dropped frames

I have started noticing dropped frames when I watch a movie with my Vero4k+. It only happens like once or twice during a movie and it only drops like one frame, so I might miss it some times when there are static scenes. If I rewind the movie and watch the same part again, there is no dropped frame. Anyone experienced this?

could this be the same issue? Dropped frames caused by subtitle rendering - #72 by Nickelig

Hard to speculate without more details such as a log

There was no subtitles on the movie I watched yesterday so it isn’t related to subtitles.

How do I enable silent logging? I don’t want to watch a whole movie with statistic data in the left upper corner


Yes I have this issue, and have had it for ages with both Vero and Vero 4K+. Most people don’t notice it. I do, unfortunately.

There was a render bug which causes two frames to be out of order once every so often. This was quietly fixed in May. Sure you’ve seen it since then?

Definitely. Saw it last week when watching a movie. It’s so infrequent I expect 99% of people not to notice. It was easier when dropped frames were shown correctly in the debug screen.

Any movie? I’ve got a script that tails dmesg to warn when this happens; so I can check this again pretty quickly



Yeah Aladdin Blu-ray (not UHD) I think was the last one that did it.

Cool, will check it.

Cheers, Sam.