DTS-HD MA silent/static


Im having an issue where different audio codecs, Mainly DTS-HD MA, don’t play. They’re either silent or produce a weird static/clicking noise. My Soundbar is a Sony -HT-X8500 and my TV is a Panasonic GZ950b. I have the soundbar plugged into HDMI 2 (ARC) and my Vero 4K plugged into the sounders HDMI. what’s odd is sometimes (random) it’ll play the audio fine and I have no idea why. Heres the logs: paste.osmc.tv/uhezajesag

Ive experienced the same with TrueHD and DD+, but much less frequent.


Is this a new issue, or has it always been a problem?


I honestly couldn’t tell you as I’ve only just started getting content with these codecs, I used to strictly have DD or AAC. Since having these codecs its been an issue, around a week or 2.

Can you connect directly to the TV and see if you can play back these files without issue?
If you can also upload some logs connected directly to the TV so we can see the TV’s capabilities that will help. I know you want audio out to the soundbar, but I want to make sure you can indeed play those tracks without issues on another device, provided your TV supports these codecs (hence the log request)

Unfortunately no I don’t have any way other than OSMC to get the content to the TV.

What I mean is, can you take the HDMI out of the soundbar and run it directly to the TV.
Play some affected files, and let us know if audio works

Ah okay sure no problem, I’ll do that now.


That is with Vero plugged straight into the TV and the soundbar disconnected.

So did it work?

(I’m guessing not, from the EDID)

Correct, it didn’t work.

Okay, your TV only advertises support for these formats:

====================== Audio Cap =================== k3dRrf31
CodingType MaxChannels SamplingFreq SampleSize
PCM, 6 ch, 32/44.1/48 kHz, 16 bit
AC-3, 6 ch, 32/44.1/48 kHz,  bit
Dobly_Digital+, 8 ch, 32/44.1/48 kHz, 16 bit
MAT, 8 ch, 48 kHz, 16/20 bit

So a lack of DTS support is expected. But it would be interesting to know if other codecs are affected.

But the soundbar does advertise support for this in its EDID
Can you see if a firmware update is available for it?

There are no firmware updates that I can see are available.

Okay, stay tuned because I might have a build that will help with this shortly.

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Do you have a rough idea as to when this might come out?

Yes, it will be ready for testing shortly with the Kodi 18.9 update.