DTS-HRA downmixed to AC3, slow performance?

Hi there,

My AV receiver is not compatible with DTS-HRA or DTS MA i had to enable down mixing of all unsupported format above DTS 5.1.
DTS-HRA seems to require a lot of CPU and down mixing the audio is creating audio/video stuttering.
my test file is this :
It has DTS-HRA audio track.

Any of you have encountered the same problem ?


DTS should include a 5.1 core track, so if you disable the HD tracks you should get the 5.1 core through (passthrough)


Hi again Sam,

sorry to ask you a few more things about disabling HD tracks

My initial setup was :
On the player side (Kodi) i can chose DTS-HRA or DTS 2.1 audio tracks
On Kodi audio parameters, i have disabled DTS-HD capable receiver.

i don’t understand what else i can do ?


Thanks for clarifying. I’d have expected the disc to have a 5.1 core track; but it sounds like it only has a 2.1 one.

Is that right? Can you post a MediaInfo output of the file?

A small sample would also be great.

If the track is 7.1 and your device doesn’t support passthrough, it would need to be decoded to LPCM, but I’d expect libdcadec’s performance to be better.


Please find the MediaInfo


audio 1 is stereo track
audio 2 is DTS-HRA track
audio 3 is AC3 “commentary” track

Not sure my AV receiver is supporting LPCM (for now) thanks Samsung loosy work.
I will PM you a link of a sample


Since 17.6 everything works well with DTS HRA
DTS True HD has an issue