Dual boot Android and VPN


I am a noob here, recently got my vero 2 and everything is good so far. I want to get my PIA VPN running on the vero 2 as my next project. I don’t know how easy or hard this will be yet but it makes me wonder…

  1. I assume dual boot means I can run OSMC or Android but not both
  2. If that is the case and I set up VPN in OSMC then switch to Android I would no longer have it, correct?
  3. So I actually need to set up VPN on both OS’s???

I hope my thinking is correct. I had this vision that I could just setup my VPN easily through the PIA android app and voila…done. I guess I’ll do a search on setting up VPN on OSMC, any tips or links appreciated.




That’s correct – there’s probably some app for it though.


So I started with getting VPN setup on OSMC first which works like a charm, I actually impressed myself I could walk through the tutorial and figure it out. I had never used SSH before. Funny thing is what I thought would be easy ended up being harder than I thought. Is there a link for a Play Store APK that works? I tried 2 different versions I thought were for Android 4.0 and higher and once I sideload them they wont open.


No idea – there are some free VPNs (app + VPN service included). If you already have a VPN provider, and they support PPTP/L2TP, I’m pretty sure you can set it up under Settings without installing anything



I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. I don’t need a VPN app I’m trying to set up the google play store.


You can get all details on how to setup and subcribe PureVPN here


You can install the PIA App via APKpute instead of trying to get the Play Store to work.



So I actually need to set up VPN on both OS’s???

Would it be more secure to dual-boot a separate rom with automatic Static VPN connection.


How do you mean more secure?

Don’t see the point of one ROM for VPN and one for everything else as surely you would want at least some of “everything else” to utilise the VPN. Best really to configure it where you need it.


Am i limited to only running the Android image with the Boot to Android Add-on?

I want to put pi-hole on an SD card and play with it before buying another Pi. Can i image it to an SD card the use Boot to Android to run it from the SD card?




The Android image will only run on the Vero 2, although I believe there are Android images for Pi.


Thanks Sam,

I have vero 2 and dont want to run android. I want to run something else. Can I run raspbian from an SD card using the “Boot to Android” and have it not affect my current OSMC setup?



I see what you mean now.

All the Boot to Android option does is tell Vero 2 to consult mass storage devices (i.e. USB or SD card) before loading OSMC from the internal storage.

If you have a correctly prepared kernel, then you can boot other userlands such as Raspbian. We don’t provide any pre-packaged distributions at this time however.




After rebooting I was taken to an android recovery screen? I did use the android option before, so this isnt my first boot to SD. Is there a way for it to forget the previous Android and boot to raspbian now on the SD?




I think you may have misunderstood.

Vero 2 cannot boot Raspbian natively. It will fall back to the internal recovery system.

You would have to prepare your own images for it to work properly, and Vero 2 would need to boot a compatible kernel.



You should be able to just install Pi-Hole on OSMC.


Yes – he can. I assume has some other reason to install another OS however.