Dual boot

I’ve had my vero4k for a while now and its been faultless. I am wanting to ustilise the debian backend a little more as I dont need to use it much as a media streamer any longer. As it runs with almost no power i want to run some networking stuff. But I keep coming up with a problem due to the low storage onboard.
So, I’d like to boot an alternative OS off an external USB or SSD. Is there a way of getting it to dual boot?

Alternatvily, is there a way of extending the primary storage in RAID (or some such) with an external SSD?


Low Storage? The Vero4k has 16GB emmc that would be more than enough for any kind of Debian Server from an OS point of view.
Or are you refering to the Data you want to store on the server (like a NAS)? Those data you always can store on Storage connected via USB.

I’m with fzinken here, disable mediacenter from starting. Connect a usb-drive and use label mount in fstab. And keep the OS on internal storage for speed, and use USB as storage, alternatively NAS solution. But don’t use the internal storage for “media”, just for OS and OS components.

Since dual-booting would mean, loading OS from a slower media. Sd-card or USB wont be able to compete with internal storage of Vero4k(+)

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