Dual dvb-t2 tuners - need a powered hub?

Do I need a powered hub to use the branded usb tuners with my vero 4k+?

I’ve been having few problems, with tvheadend constantly “preparing” sometimes, other times it just all works…

I’ve found in the past that a powered hub interfered with the power supply of the Vero, so removed it a couple of years back… but it’s all trial and error, and I don’t have that much of a clue really!


Yes, you will need a powered hub.

Thanks Sam. For some reason the powered hub creates some sort of power interference with the Vero (supplying power through the Vero’s usb port). Can this be avoided somehow?

Please explain. No one can be sure what this means without a better description than interference

If I unplug the power for the unit, it doesn’t seem to go off properly as it thinks it’s still got power (via USB). Not sure if it’s a problem or not but means that I have to plug everything in in exactly the right order for it to work at first.

That’s by design

Great to know. Thanks! I thought I must have had a substandard usb hub or something!