Duh - selected the wrong remote

I was playing around with the remote config and selected an Apple TV silver remote hoping that my regular ATV white remotes would work. It turns out that they don’t and I now have no way to reconfig the Vero to use its remote.

I have SSH access into the box. Is there a file I need to modify to reset the remote config?

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Yes, you can do it via SSH, but it may be easier for you to use something like Yatse (an iPhone or Android remote app) to quickly make the change back via the GUI


You could also use one of the Kodi/XBMC remote control apps if you have a smart phone. That’s saved my bacon once or twice.

Edit: Oops! Sam beat me to the suggestion to use a smart phone.

sudo ln -sf /etc/lirc/osmc-remote-lircd.conf /etc/lirc/lircd.conf
sudo systemctl restart lircd_helper@*

Should do the trick…

Thanks everyone - I managed to get it reset using XBMC Commander from my iPhone.

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I raised this in a different thread but I think this is a really bad design on the remote configuration.

The user should always be prompted to accept the change after it has been applied - this would confirm that the new remote selection has worked correctly - there should be a 20 second timeout similar which if not dismissed with a remote click in this period activates a reversion back to the previous successful setting.

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That is a fair point, and also something that have been discussed.
The plan is to have pretty much exactly the function you are describing.