Duplicates created when updating library

I have tried to update my library recently to add a couple of new titles, but it duplicated over half of my library and I had to go in and manually delete them. It was also adding TV episodes to my movie wall even though I hadn’t even added those folders as a source yet.

Every time I select on update library it starts duplicating titles again and I have to stop the update.

Do you have movies and series nested in the same subfolder? If so this isn’t something that Kodi can deal with. Can you post some logs so we can see how you have your sources configured?

I can get logs later.

I have a Movies (or Videos) folder on my drive(s), and a TV folder.

Like, I have F:\Movies, F:\Movies 4K, and F:\TV\

I’ve added the first two paths as sources for Movies. I have not added any sources for TV yet.

You have a drive letter in Linux???

I have suspicions about what exactly is going on here but I’d really need to see some logs to verify and suggest corrections.

No. That’s my drive on windows.

For the source, it’d be like smb:\\computer_ip_address\f\movies\

The logs are below.

For video sources, I have f, g, Movies1, and Movies2.

The sources f and g are the entire drives on my computer. The g drive is not causing any issues. The f drive/source is the problem. That drive contains the paths for movies and tv shows, as well as other things. I have the content set as “none” and have it marked to ignore it during library updates. It’s doing the exact opposite. It’s sending it to “movies” and scanning the entire drive, movie folders, tv folder, everything. The files in this drive are what are duplicating (which is almost half of my collection).

Movies1 is a single path - f/Movies
The content is set to Movies.

Movies 2 is multiple paths containing the rest of my movies (content also set to movies like above.

Here are the logs.

Note: I only let it duplicate a handful of titles before I stopped the scan.

I see it scraping smb://$RECYCLE.BIN/ so it seems that the “F” share had gotten set as a scraping source at some point. When you set the scraping parameters of a source it sets/changes the particular path in question, BUT, if you have a source that is set not to scrape, you can still browse into that path and set scraping options for individual folders under that path. That is my best guess of what is going on here. Rather than try to dig down everything that had gone wrong on a library that it seems your just building up on this machine for the first time, I’d suggest to delete the video database and do a new set content for just the sources that should be scraping. I’d suggest to ssh into your Vero and…

systemctl stop mediacenter
cd .kodi/userdata
rm Database/{MyVideos*.db,Textures13.db}
rm -r Thumbnails
systemctl start mediacenter

This should leave all the rest of your configuration alone and just require a new set content for sources.

You might also want to avoid the local information scraper as it isn’t always as trouble free as one might expect. If you use TMDB scraper it will still pull in your metadata from any nfo files that are present.