DVB framerate detection wrong on Leia

I suffer from this issue as well…it’s really irritating.
Do you know if this issue has been raised anywhere?

I raised the issue with Kodi but it appears to have hit a dead end.

Moved to new topic. I haven’t tagged it as Vero4k yet. Has anyone seen this on RPi?

Cant help with that mate, I no longer run osmc on my Pi.

I have this same issue with Leia on the vero4k+.

I was finding that the screen would randomly go blank in the middle of a broadcast when playing UK TV channels via TVheadend. After examining the log I noticed it was switching between 25fps<->50fps. I have managed to successfully workaround the issue by de-selecting the 1920x1080@25.00 resolution from the Whitelist, so that the content only plays at 50 fps.

Yeah that’s the workaround I’m using.

It’s weird because without the workaround, sometimes it can take 5-15 seconds for the switch to take place.
I noticed that in the comments for the Kodi issue that @mosmos raised, it’s mentioned by FernetMenta that the bug is with TVHeadend, but I don’t remember having this issue on previous Kodi versions, so I don’t know where the problem lies, or if its an issue with Kodi,OSMC,Vero or TVheadend.

Would be interesting to know if people experience this problem with a different PVR backend, i.e. DVBLink.

Right now, I can’t get DVB to work at all on Pi with Leia.

@Toast seems to be able to make it work, perhaps he can advise.

This seems to be an issue with Leia.
It is not an issue with the latest stable releases.

The Issue has been acknowledged and a workaround put in place in the latest Leia build(s). Perhaps those using the whitelist should be made aware of this issue so they don’t select the troublesome frame rates.
See links below:


Since its been merged the next Leia nightly will contain the fix.

Ive installed 17.8-387, which says in the notes that the fix is included…but Im getting the same symptoms as I was previously.

Should I see any obvious changes to the gui settings?
I can’t see what this fix has actually changed?

Did you read through the notes above in the PR?

I hadn’t, but I have now.
Ive emptied the whitelist and its working great.