DVB/PVR modules and that software in general

I Devs,

I have been using Raspbmc since the begining… :wink: lov’d it.

Now to what i missing or trying to find out if IT is coming…

kernel modules for dvbhdhome and anysee(will finde hardware ID later) is it planed that those modules will be included? maybe final release?

HDHomerun is in the kernel already. You’ll be able to modprobe dvb_hdhomerun to get that loaded.

I don’t have one but I think there is some software setup involved too. @Dilligaf may be able to help

hmm i have been runing hdhomerun on raspbmc and my own server for some years now… on osmc i get this:

root@osmc:/home/osmc# modprobe dvb_hdhomerun
modprobe: FATAL: Module dvb_hdhomerun not found.

And yes the software missing, is the program(wrapper) userhdhomerun i run it with the command “/usr/local/bin/userhdhomerun -f -u hts -g video -d” don’t finde userhdhomerun anywhere or dvb_homerun anywhere…

root@osmc:/home/osmc# find / -name homerun

root@osmc:/home/osmc# apt-cache search homerun
hdhomerun-config - Configuration utility for Silicon Dust HD HomeRun
libhdhomerun-dev - Development library for Silicon Dust HD HomeRun
libhdhomerun1 - Library for Silicon Dust HD HomeRun

hardware : rpi2

@Dilligaf?? :wink: im running OSMC Alpha 4.


Our patches for DVB HDHomeRun are in the kernel. However for the Pi 2 release they would have been missed out as to meet the deadline I had to use the upstream kernel.

This will be resolved in the next release in the sense that you will have the kernel module. You’ll still need to install the APT packages to get this going


Nice… I can wait ;-)… A little…

Hoping for a beta soon…

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