Dvb-s2 Dvsky S960 tuner problem

I’ve recently bought the DVBSky tuner S960, I’ve tried to hook it up, but it rarely works. I am getting timeout waiting for packets in tvheadend.
I’ve already posted the problem in the tvheadend bug tracker:
Bug #3327: timeout waiting for packets - Tvheadend
and one suggestion was there that it might be due to a kernel driver issue, for which there is already a patch existing.

Could you tell me if the patch mentioned there is in the latest kernel that’s shipped with the osmc build ?
Currently I am running the following kernel:

Thanks in advance.

That patch is not included. We are moving to 4.3 shortly for Raspberry Pi which I assume you are using and there are a variety of DVB fixes in this kernel.


I have the same problem as trx_daemon so I was also looking to solve the problem.

The patch mentioned in the tvheadend bug tracker is part of kernel 4.3 so we can hope that our problem will be fixed with the November update…